Stronger Leadership Through Changing Times

South Whitehall Township is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, expansive development, safety issues and financial challenges.  

Michael  Wolk will provide strong genuine leadership and work tirelessly to ensure that growth continues and finances are managed in a manner that benefits township residents. 

Michael Wolk will improve the public safety for township residents and create more open and transparent township government.

Moderate Growth

* Balance residential and commercial development with land preservation

* Prevent over-development and over-crowding

* Preserve parks, greenways, woodlands, farmland and natural resources

* Stop new MASSIVE development like Ridge Farm 

* Limit the number and impact of new large warehouses

* Update the comprehensive plan & zoning ordinance to reduce expansive growth 

* Restore growth to a level that is acceptable to residents

Disciplined Fiscal Accountability

* Ensure that taxpayers get the greatest benefit from tax revenue

* Reverse the current township "Tax & Spend" approach

* Ease taxpayers' financial burden

* Exercise strong cost control / Eliminate unnecessary spending

* Implement disciplined financial compliance audits
* Enforce complete transparency on township finances

Improved Public Safety

* Ensure public safety by support and resources for fire, police and EMS personnel
* Partner with PennDOT to minimize traffic congestion and safety hazards

* Improve safety at the most-dangerous high-crash roads and intersections

* Protect neighborhood and school safety for the benefit of children 

Open and Transparent Government

* Require transparency from all elected and appointed government officials

* Enable open communication between township leadership and the community.

* Outreach to survey residents to get their opinions on important issues 

* Foster an environment where people will have a voice in township government

Vote Michael Wolk for South Whitehall Commissioner

                                       NOVEMBER 5 - ELECTION DAY