Stronger Leadership Through Changing Times

Michael Wolk has demonstrated extraordinary leadership throughout his professional career and community service.



Mike Wolk was a proven and well-respected leader during his 39 year business career at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.  Mike has managed large global business teams with 100+ people.  He has used his business and technical skills to deliver customer satisfaction and profitability.

Mike Wolk has the professional leadership and management skills to serve as your South Whitehall Township Commissioner.



In 2017, Mike Wolk co-founded South Whitehall Concerned Citizens, initially in response to the massive Ridge Farm development. He met with the developer to reduce the impact that the massive development will have on the township residents. His leadership has broadened to address land development throughout the township including the new huge warehouse impact on Route 309 traffic congestion and the impact that the apartments on the ParkView Inn property will have on the surrounding neighborhood.                                                                                                                            

As Commissioner, Mike will lead an effort to reduce the current expansive township growth to a moderate level by updating the township Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

Mike has served as a “Voice of the People” at Board of Commissioner, Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, Land Developer and PennDOT Meetings. His leadership has focused on over-development, public safety, traffic congestion, farmland preservation and financial accountability.

Mike has the proven leadership and management skills to align people, minimize tax increases, reduce costs and streamline operations.  For example, Mike recently met with the township management team to provide his business advice to control the increasing cost of the expensive Township Municipal Campus Renovation Project.

Mike Wolk is the ONLY candidate who has CONTINUALLY taken ALL of the above DEMONSTRATED actions to serve the people.

Mike Wolk is fully prepared to serve as South Whitehall Township Commissioner based on this recent community service experience.