Michael Wolk - Community Leader & Citizen Advocate

Michael Wolk - Stronger Leadership Through Changing Times


South Whitehall Township is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, expansive development and financial challenges.  

Mike Wolk co-founded "South Whitehall Concerned Citizens - Ridge Farm" to fight against the MASSIVE Ridge Farm development.  He met with the Ridge Farm developer to reduce the impact that the MASSIVE development will have on the township residents.  During the next year, Mike Wolk will lead an effort to change the township Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance to prevent future MASSIVE developments like Ridge Farm.

After decades of no tax increases, South Whitehall Township taxes have doubled during the last five years. The MASSIVE new development has not delivered the tax revenue required to control tax increases.  Our township has clearly developed a financial management and cost control problem. Mike Wolk will exercise strong cost control and eliminate unnecessary spending to ease taxpayers' financial burden. Mike Wolk will implement strict financial audits to find solutions to this problem.     

Mike Wolk will provide strong genuine leadership and work tirelessly to ensure that township growth and finances are managed in a manner that benefits township residents.  

That's why he's running for South Whitehall Township Commissioner.   

Help Michael Wolk help you. 

Voice of the People


Michael Wolk has been a resident of 

South Whitehall Township for 31 years.

In 2017, Mike Wolk co-founded South Whitehall Concerned Citizens to serve as a "Voice of the People" to the Board of Commissioners on community development and township financial matters.   

As South Whitehall Township Commissioner, Mike will continue to represent township residents with honesty and integrity.   



These personal Core Values will guide me as Commissioner to achieve township fiscal and operational success:   


· Exhibit a highly professional Work Ethic

· Demonstrate high personal Integrity in words and actions 

· Build Respect and Trust with colleagues and the community

· Recognize and Reward good performance

· Prioritize other peoples’ interests over my own

· Be open-minded to new ideas



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